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Name:Because sometimes you just need wing fic
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Community description:Cameron Mitchell trope ficathon
Welcome to the Cam Mitchell Trope Ficathon!

As kazbaby pointed out, poor Cam, coming late to the SG1 party, is sadly lacking in fic about him as a slave. Or with wings. Or being forced to have sex or die. Or any number of other cliches or tropes with which fic about the seasons 1-8 cast is littered.

A state of affairs which can hardly be allowed to continue (and which, yes, does apply just as well to Vala, come on, you know you want to run the Vala mal'Doran Trope Ficathon).

And so the Cam Mitchell Trope Ficathon was born - sign up for a trope, go away and write a fic with Cam Mitchell and that trope, het, gen, slash, whatever floats your boat, just starring Colonel Mitchell. As a woman. Or captured by bad guys. Or suspected of murder.

A few quick rules:
1. Fic must feature Cam Mitchell as the main character and the one affected by whatever trope you choose. You can have other people affected as well (kind of hard to do 'the mission requires us to have sex' without another person) but the focus should be on Cam.

2. Secondary pairings are okay, but they should be secondary.

3. Crossovers with other fandoms are allowed and encouraged (no really, there are prompts for them and everything).

4. If you need to get an extension, drop out, etc, let me know. If you don't let me know, I have the ex-university administrator stick of doom and I'm *not afraid to use it*.

5. This is not the place for your fic about how Cam Mitchell sucks and Jack O'Neill should never have left. If you can't say anything nice about the guy, go say nasty things about him somewhere that isn't here.

For more information, check out the admin tag:

This comm is mirrored on livejournal at Admin posts and the fic master list will be posted on both sites.
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